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Types of Blink App

There are three types of app at Blink.

There are three types of app you can publish at Blink. Your app must be at least one of these types. Each has a different action that will be taken when a user opens your app from their launchpad.

  1. External Shortcuts
    These launch the default system browser and open the URL you have provided. External shortcut apps are effectively bookmarks to external services that live in the launchpad. Find out more.

  2. Micro Apps
    These are lightweight web apps which you write. They are hosted by you externally but open inside a Blink Webview. They can be as simple or as complex as you like and because they live inside Blink, they can leverage Blink libraries such as user-identity and authentication. This makes them very quick to develop. Find out more.

  3. Chat Bots
    These are apps which you write and are hosted externally. They manifest on Blink as "bots" which look like the other human contacts that users are connected to. Users interact with them conversationally in Channels and Chats just like their colleagues. Chat Bots can utilise Blinks pre-determined Quick replies and Card kit UI components to speed up interaction. Chat Bots can use Blink libraries too. Find out more.

Please note that external shortcuts and micro apps can also be chat bots too. This covers the scenario where your micro-app needs to send data into a chat or a channel.

Hosting your Blink app

The very vast majority of Blink apps run on the developers infrastructure and interact with Blink through the Blink External API.

Apps built by development teams at our partner organisations enjoy a higher privilege level and can be run internally on Blink Partner Infrastructure to take advantage of our Partner API.

Partners also enjoy the option of Blink callbacks via secure network connections direct into their infrastructure. If you'd like to discuss these options please get in touch.