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Receiving events

Blink communicate events to your app via webhooks. You can configure which webhooks you are interested in via your App Manager.

Webhook body

Blink webhooks are sent in the JSON format and they follow this generic shape:

  "type": "new_direct_message",
  "app_id": "b-1234",
  "app_identity_id": "i-1234",
  "secret": "t0p-s3cr3t",
  "data": {
    // Some data
  • type is the webhook type.
  • app_id is the app ID given to your app.
  • app_identity_id is the identity of your app that this webhook is a target of.
  • secret is the webhook secret that you can use to verify this request matches your webhook secret as specified in your App Manager.
  • data - of the shape of one of the models.

Webhook triggers

  • config_updated - when your app has been updated.
  • new_direct_message - when your app receives a direct message.
  • new_indirect_message - when your app receives an indirect message.
  • added_to_chat - when your app has been added to a chat.
  • chat_updated - when a chat that an identity of your app is in has been updated, such as someone has left that chat.
  • removed_from_chat - when your app has been removed from a chat.