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Quick replies


Quick replies are interaction elements that enable the user to quickly act on a message. The quick reply mechanism we currently support is button - this allows the user to send pre-determined responses to an app.


Quick replies should be used when you want the user to respond to your app in a certain way.

For example, in the Blink ServiceNow app, there are a number of quick replies that gives the user a hint of what the bot offers:

Tip: Your app should still be able to process anything that the user say to it. In the example above, the bot should still respond with some message given a message that is not part of the quick replies such as fetch me a spoon.

Technical details

Quick replies can be appended to a message object that an app sends to a chat. In effect the app is sending a message as well as sending an array of quick replies that a user can use to conveniently respond to the sent message.

  "type": "text",
  "text": "Hello World!",
  "quick_replies": [
      "label": "OK",
      "type": "BUTTON",
      "reply_text": "ok user",
      "client_action": "blink://client_action"




The text that appears on the quick reply. If type is BUTTON then this is the button text.



We only accept BUTTON as of now.



The message that is sent back to the app. If not specified then the label text will be sent.



A client action that is executed on triggering this quick reply. This is in addition to sending a message back to the app.