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Getting Started

Here's how to get going building an app for Blink.

Blink replaces your staid, static intranet with a connected employee app. Improving internal communication and employee experience. Your company intranet could never do everything Blink can.

The app you build can be something custom that you have written which takes advantage of Blinks public API or it may simply be a link to an existing web app you wish to make more easily accessible to your users.

The steps you need to take to publish an app are the same regardless of the apps complexity. You publish an app by visiting the manage apps section of admin panel and filling in the blanks on the app form. Easy!

Apps that interact with users in chats and channels require a few more details to be completed on the form than ones that don't. For example, there's no requirement for API addresses or webhook endpoints if you're only publishing an external shortcut (more on apps types in a mo).

Ok, so let's get moving. Two quick things you need to understand which we'll get into the detail of next

  1. There are three different types of app available to you on Blink. Your app needs to be at least one of these types.
  2. An understanding of how your app and Blink talk to each other.

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